Heelys Adult Hurricane Skate Shoe

If you’re searching for a acceptable brace of Heelys for adults, there’s one archetypal that will absolutely fit you. The Heelys Developed Hurricane Skate Shoe is not as arresting as abounding added Heelys models, which is what makes it abundantly favorable for adults who don’t wish to attending adolescent with their shoes. Although if the auto are on, you can feel like a adolescent while you’re skating about your office, your flat, or while walking your dog. This analysis will awning aggregate you charge to apperceive about the product.

General Description

The Hurricane is simple abundant for any developed male, but it ability not be actual acceptable for females. It has a blubbery covering accomplish with NuBuc or textured covering fabric, polyurethane midsoles and gum soles. The archetypal is actual abiding and weather-resistant, and it is advised to be able abundant to bear connected corruption and acquaintance with the armament like friction, anchored ground, and asperous roads. The constructed NuBuc is actual beautiful and you absolutely wouldn’t apperception cutting it as a actualization account rather than skate shoes. The bendable and blubbery covering physique hugs the bottom altogether to accomplish it added adequate to abrasion and skate in.


The polyurethane midsoles are fabricated to be abiding and acutely durable. They aren’t actual far from the looks of approved rubber, but the superior is abundant college and even added dependable. You can skate all you wish afterwards anguish about breaking or damaging the shoes. The Hurricane aswell has the brand Wave Abundance Heel Bracket from Heelys that makes it actual adequate to skate in even if all your weight is activated on the heel, and skating for hours wouldn’t accomplish you feel any affectionate of affliction or ache on the heel area. The auto are aswell fabricated of polyurethane material.


There are abandoned two colors that the Hurricane comes in. The aboriginal and the added aloof of the two is the atramentous one, which can apparently be beat by added adolescent females who absolutely wish to abrasion and acquaintance the abundance and actualization of the Hurricane. The atramentous Hurricane has a actual simple blush aggregate of archetypal atramentous and white with a apparent atramentous body, white laces, white aback accent, white logo on the sides, white logo on the tongue, and white logo on the midsoles. The soles are fabricated of beef gum and the auto are atramentous black. The added blush has a added developed edge, with a dejected accent. The foreground toecap and the argot are black, as able-bodied as the midsoles and aback panels. The absolute physique is white with a dejected logo on the side. The central of the argot is dejected and there are white logos on the argot and on the midsoles. The soles are dejected with atramentous autogenous and a dejected logo at the center. The auto are aswell blue. You can absolutely acquisition your absolute bout from these varieties.


If you’re searching for acute skating fun, this brace of Heelys for adults isn’t absolutely for you. Because of the beatnik skate design, the Heelys crave force on the heels to be able to run. This isn’t a actual acceptable way of skating because all the burden will be transferred to the heels, and this can could cause ache and abrasion on your heels. It’s aswell not that simple to ascendancy heel auto abnormally for males with bigger anxiety whose anxiety tend to abatement beyond while skating on the heel. The bolt is aswell actual dust-accumulating, and they ability abrasion out calmly if it comes to the appearance, authoritative them attending old and beat even afterwards just months of connected use.


If you’re a macho developed with the affection of a child, you will absolutely adore accepting the Heelys Developed Hurricane Skate Shoe. It’s fun to wear, beautiful and fashionable to use, and adequate to airing and skate in even for several hours. This brace of Heelys for adults is what I awful acclaim for all skate lovers who don’t wish to advance in skate shoes alone. The Hurricane isn’t just for skating – it’s for both skating and style.

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